9 months today..

Hi All,
I have just joined as I am really struggling.
My dad died on 12th January this year. We have just 12 weeks from diagnosis to him passing. It was all so fast - I was not ready for any of it but I suppose none of us are…

I feel like I am just floating through life now , sometimes I actually think I don’t feel a lot anymore- the grief has completely taken over…

You see I have a lovely family, 2 young kids and a beautiful wife but I feel like I am completely letting them down as I can’t seem to move on.

Thanks in advance for any advise.

Hi Cait im very sorry for your loss,the phrase how long is a piece of string applies to your nightmare ,it takes as long as it takes.Keep coming back here ,we have all lost a loved one or more than one.No one judges on here ,maybe phone the Samaritians (i do but i know its not for everyone) likewise maybe visit your doctor (im on medication i see the same doctor once a month)Colin(im 59 my darling Denise passed on her 41 st birthday 04032016)

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