A bad afternoon

Not having the best of days. Had my booster Covid jab this morning and queued with couples just like we were when we had our first jab at the beginning of the year. Because I was alone I had to wait 15 mins in the recovery section in case there was a reaction. Came back, a plasterer called to give me a quote - how am I to know if it’s reasonable or not. I have no idea. Microwaved a curry - always made one from scratch on a Friday but really can’t be arsed now. Oh so sad :sob: crying for no real reason, but these days there doesn’t need to be one.


@Georgie15 so sorry you are having a bad afternoon. Its so hard when you have to do things on your own that you would normally do together, even down to having a covid jab.

Having to do the things that our loved ones would normally do like know that the plasterers quote is OK makes it even more real that we are on our own and have to deal with these things.

It’s 6 weeks together since my husband Scott passed away and I now hate Fridays so much a day I would normally love as it’s the weekend and our time but how that has changed. Just me now trying to keep busy and do things whilst crying and in total despair.

Take care and let the tears flow there’s nothing wrong with that x


Thank you it’s been seven months now and feel
no better than the day he died in bed beside me. I sometimes think I’ve had a good day and then the grief engulfs me and like this afternoon just cannot stop crying. I’m trying so hard for the sake of my boys and the grandchildren and despite them telling my how proud they are of me days like today when I’m my own is killing me. I have John’s birthday coming up Monday and no idea how I’m going to get through it - followed by Christmas is going to be so tough.

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I am dreading Christmas so I know what you mean. I’ve told people I’m.not really doing Christmas this year it’s too soon. Can’t bear to think about writing cards with just my name on its heartbreaking.

Thinking about you for Monday, you don’t think a special day can make you feel any worse than you already do do you.

Always here if you need a chat, not that I can say anything to make you feel better, but we know the pain and devastation everyone is feeling xx


I’m sorry for your loss and everything you say is perfectly normal and know you are not alone. On a practical level try tii ok get quotes off plasterers who come recommended and then get 3-4 quotes.
If one is exceptionally cheap or expensive then Chuck it out. If the others are close in price and recommended then go with the one you felt most drawn to.

Hi, I am 18 months into this, I unsuccessfully tried CPR, on my now late partner, feel your loss, but we have to stay strong, don’t we, I would say ,go with what sounded the most genuine quote, have to hope, people understand, just understand, where we are. Xx

Thank you. I’ve only been able to get one plasterer to quote despite dozens of calls they’re all too busy… I can’t even be bothered to think about it any more but will push myself to keep going. Not had much sleep as usual. Emotion coupled with tiredness does not make a good mix,

Yeah, sometimes, even important tasks, seem like too much. I put things off, I know things need doing, by it isn’t worth the effort, nobody too encourage me. I hope one day it does get easier, to life without my better half, little by little, maybe, one day at a time.
Take care.

Thank you it would have been John’s birthday Monday so I have baked him a cake - crazy I know. My sons and their kids will come tomorrow to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles. Bonkers ? Most probably - but if it makes us smile just a bit it doesn’t matter. The first baking I’ve done in the seven months since he’s been gone. I hope the tears in the cake mix won’t spoil it :cry:


It’s not bonkers, it’s good, enjoy the cake, the tears, will only make it more personalised.

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@Georgie15 that’s not bonkers that’s a lovely and very special thing to do.

Big hugs
Jane x

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