A bad day

Some days im ok, i get on with my day but some days like today i feel so rubbish and low.
At the moment im getting use to my work pattern changing, but i know it will go back to the way it was but i have to stick with it this way for 10 wks. Which I’m finding hard. Normally would of talked to my mum about it but of course i cant.

The one thing that bothers me the most is the one person i want in my life and i cant have her. (I miss her so much and nothing is the same anymore. I keep saying to myself im getting use to my new life and its now totally different.)

I knew u guys would understand my low day. So thought i would write this on here.


Hi, writing it down does help and you are always welcome on here to let rip. There’s not much to say except we are always here for you. Life without our loved ones is never going to be easy but that’s life and somehow we have to deal with our loss but knowing you are not alone does help. Hope the work pattern works better this week and always know we are here. S xxx