A Bad day

I feel very lonely at the moment I am trying to navigate my life in the best way possible I have lost my mum and have ptsd from the horrible way she died I’m trying to cope with caring for my terminally ill dad and my son’s disabilities my oldest daughter has fled a dv relationship and ss have removed my grandchildren from her care because of it I haven’t seen them in 6 months it’s been dragging on for 10 months now my 6 year old doesn’t understand what’s going on and her school are failing her massively she was meant to be referred to cahms 18 months ago and simply didn’t bother and now they cannot cope with her she is being bullied and the school are doing nothing my happy little girl is now screaming about school she is coming home with marks everyday and still nothing is being done to the stage I have pulled her out and will be having a meeting when they go back after half term my 2 year old son has a lot wrong with him I had to argue with the hospital about an mri I told them I thought he had brain damage on top of all his diagnosis after the mri a consultant rang me said I was wrong so I walked into to his neurologist appointment all happy saying I’m so glad I’m wrong to be told he has significant brain damage on top of everything else had to put us all through a specialist genetic testing in march and still don’t have the results I’m trying desperately to move and the council have now said yes to moving but there is nothing suitable for his needs on bidding so I’m stuck in a dangerous house that’s not suitable and the council are refusing to let my housing association to help me move quickly I literally feel like my whole world is falling apart and the flash backs from my mum have made me to frightened to go to sleep i have just completed cbt therapy and just started to get somewhere when the sessions ended and now have been left with nothing I have been on various medications which haven’t helped I have lost all my friends and just feel like packing up and moving as far away as possible my daughter still doesn’t know if she is going to get the kids back as the social worker has told her she doesn’t want her to have them back the dv is her own fault and she should of left the relationship sooner I watched my grandchildren be taken from her and there was nothing I could do the abuser is allowed to see the kids because he said sorry he was never arrested as he is a professional and threatened to un alive himself so nothing has happened to him he got away with dv financial abuse coercive control and he is allowed contact but I’m not the social worker told my daughter that everyone deserves a second chance except her !! There have been so many failings by Ss and noting is being done the sw also told my daughter that if the judge agrees the younger 2 will be adopted out it’s not even been before a judge yet meetings keep being cancelled and sw keep changing this whole thing has taken over my life I’m not sure how much more I can actually take

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That is a hell of a lot to cope with, no wonder you are so overwhelmed.
I just want to point out that your grandchildren have a legal right to an independent advocate (it’s what I used to do). This means that their thoughts and feelings will at least be taken into consideration in any meetings.
I’m so sorry you are going through all of this. X

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Hello @Shylaboo, it sounds like you’re coping with a lot right now. Just to add to what @Nori says above, you may also wish to contact Family Rights Group.

They have:

  • Online forums where families can receive advice, discuss issues and find support from others
  • A free telephone advice line open Monday to Friday between 9.30am and 3pm (excluding Bank Holidays) on 0808 801 0366. For Textphone dial 18001 followed by the advice line number
  • Self-advocacy support to callers to their advice line
  • A webchat service where families can chat online to an adviser and get information and advice.

I hope these links are helpful - take good care.

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