A better day

After posting on this site last night , with memories and guilt rolling down my cheeks. I’ve had a more positive feel today.
Thats where the guilt creeps in.
All of the responses I have had last night and today, as helped me see I can get along, just not as well as before.


Dear @IanP

How lovely to read your positive and encouraging post. I am sure that being part of a Community that understands the pain of bereavement is of great comfort and help during the difficult times.

Please continue to reach out, we are all here for you.

Take care.



Thank you peppers.
Tomorrow is another day. XXX


Great to hear of a more positive day. It’s 5 weeks tomorrow since my partner passed away unexpectedly. I had a better day yesterday but not so good today unfortunately.

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Dear Frances.
There’s another day tomorrow, I don’t think it really gets better, we just have to try and come to terms with it.
I had a good day today, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Hang in there xxx