A blow upon a bruise

Ok, so. tomorrow I am buzzing around London, and will need a bunch of cabs. I opened UBER (Tom had downloaded) on my phone to add my card details. This phone is Tom’s old handset, with my sim card, after my phone blew up. The app opened, with trips history in it. Ooof. Winded. There it was - as it was, when Tom was booking rides on this app, on this phone. The last ride he booked. Kings College Hospital, Denmark Hill, to “home” - an address in North London. Tom is dead, that home, sold. I added my details, card number, etc and changed the contact number to mine, the email address, too - from Tom’s to mine. I changed the name - from Tom to mine, and saved the surname. Sigh. Another whisper from the past. Another life. I know my friends on here will understand. Go well into this weekend, everyone. x


Oh, @Vancouver, you must have been really winded with that reminder of Tom. It reminds me of that song ‘Always Something There to Remind Me’. These reminders just come out and hit us. It’s happened a lot to me.
Happy buzzing around London tomorrow.
Take care. Xx


@Vancouver I feel your pain. God bless you.
We all now have a new life, we didnt want it, we dont like it but here it is. This group is a lifesaver. Take care my lovely


@Vancouver so many different ways memories can set us off when least expecting it. This is a hard journey we are all on with many bumps in the road to come I’m sure. Take care.


Wow, that sounds like a huge punch to the stomach. A reminder of the life we loved, that we want back so much. Sending hugs xx


Sending love to you all. We are all living or existing with this new life we didn’t ask for or want. I know it is a learning curve but it is not one I want to learn. Oh well life is bloody hard. Xxx

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I can relate - my partner died of cancer 3 1/2 months ago.
Other day I opened the boiler cupboard as it seemed to be making a noise and found two bunches of roses hanging in there she had been drying.
She was far too ill the last couple of months and in and out of hospital to have hung the roses upstairs in the boiler cupboard.
Back tracking events, they must have been there at least 6 months now.

Really hit me hard. Hardest part being that she had hope enough for the future to dry roses as a keepsake😞

And so this bleak, dark, posthumous existence continues…


@MemoriesOfUs this life we are living is miserable. We have to go on for those weve lost. Live their life and honour their memory.
I was up till 2 last night crying. Woke at 7 cried some more but the sun shone and ive been out doing the garden. A neighbour stopped to help me and i feel like i can at least get through another day.

Cherish those roses, im sure at some point they will bring a smile to your face


Trying to get a display frame to put them in and preserve them, but petrified of moving them incase they disintegrate

Bad days and worse days - light at end of this tunnel is very dim


@MemoriesOfUs what a lovely idea . It mzy be worth asking a florist for advice or Google. I dont have any light yet either but people on here say it will come.

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Yes, I’ll have to do this properly - never forgive myself if I make a mess.

you can preserve in resin moulds.Have a look on etsy

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That’s a good idea for permanent preservation
Thanks for that👍

Welcome !

They come up very nicely !