A Call From Heaven (Poem by Zeb Edington)

Another beautiful poem to share.

I lie awake long into the night,
Hoping that maybe you just might
Give me a call to say you’re okay
And let me know you made it through the day.

I would give everything that I have
To make you feel not so sad.
I know the pain is sometimes too great,
But the love was something you can never mistake.

I long for the day when I see you again.
Then we can talk about where all we’ve been.
We can think about all the times we had,
How we’ve missed each other ever so bad.

I feel like I’ve been cheated and robbed so blind.
God took you away when I thought you were mine.
Now I’m stuck here and feel so alone
As I sit and wait right beside the phone.

You gave me a life and everything I have.
I couldn’t say no, even when I was mad.
You gave me my children that I hold so dear.
You took away everything that I ever feared.

As the hurt seems to fade but the memories are bright,
Maybe I’ll see you in a dream tonight.
That’s all I can hope for until the day
When were together in heaven for an eternity.


Hi Sad, I don’t know how many days you post poems but I cover two day and there always seems to be one for me to read. Thanks for posting them, they always make me feel happier or closer to my soulmate. Many, many thanks S xxx

Thank you Susie
I spend a couple of hours a day reading poems, and am happy to share them on here.
They do make me cry, but in a strange way brings a little bit of comfort too.
I still e-mail my Alan poems and quotes everyday. I hope he can read them up there in Heaven.