A day i never dreamed coming

My partner lizzie died so quickly i was left stunned because of procrastination by hospital and wrong diagnosis which ive now I’ve read a lot about latly. Lizzie my love and true friend only had a small wind for chemo she had it on monday we had hope then all went well no sickness just sleeping a lot i had checked her temperature twice everyday pulse blood oxygen levels all were better than mine we thought great still had hope but friday woke up made her a cuppa she checked suger levels 5.5 all great we were chatting and i complaind she hadnt drunk enough so she had a good drink and had a fortisip then she just stopped talking i look round a new straight away she had a stroke .rang 999 she was having a brain scan with half an hour the dr then said have you dicussed resuitation well what a shock dr said because of chemo they could not give her drug to break up clot and because of stroke no morn chemo i was stunned but worse to come she contracted sepsis and died early sundy morning with her daughter granddaughter and i holding her .true i felt so gilty and despair ive been blaming myself could i have done this and that but have now realized no one could have done more one of the cancer nurses asked if i had been a nurse and not blame myself .so anyone reading this and going through the same thing its CANCER to blame not you plus the poor underfunded and oversubscribed n.h.s so wether lizzie would have survived i dont know but the chance had been taken away .because lousy self serving politicians were at the the beging so you probably noticed ime a tad upset it allways happens cuts cuts then labour get in and try to put it right and then are accused of spending to much and people beleive torys then it realy is ridiculous anyway my advice is that cancer can cause this as well . believe you me who beleive that so dont blame yourself as many do it appears. CANCER is the evil killer noYOU!! Regards paul

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