A Day Without You

It’s 58 weeks today since I lost you Alan. You are, and always will be, the love of my life.
Time passes but not one day has gone by that you’re not here in my heart. You have left my life but you will never leave my heart. The day you died was not just a date on the calendar, it was the day when my very existence changed forever.

A day without you
Is an eternity without living
It is a time without need
It is a moment without giving
It is you, without me.

A day without the sun
Is the day that I don’t look into your eyes
It is when I don’t hope or wish
It is when from the world that I do hide
It is you, that I truly miss.

A day without a flower
Is the day without any inspiration
It is the day when beauty is dead
It is the beginning of my frustration
It is when my hunger for life is no longer fed

Another day without you
It is a terrible day indeed
It is when I just sit and moan
And it is when no one hears my plea
It is truly when I am all alone

By Randy L. McClave


Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. The words will tug at the heart of the members as they are so meaningful and true.

Take care of yourself.


Thank you Pepsi.

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WOW So Very true, Beutifull poem, thank you for sharing with us all,it’s exactly how I feel since losing my Beutifull Lucy to pancreatic cancer on Wednesday 20th October 2021,
Sending you lots of :sparkling_heart::pray:

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