A few days on

I am not a man of words all I can say is what I feel. As I am a widower at sixty I still need to work to pay the bills. Going back to work has helped me carry on … Its a necessary distraction I break down when no one is there. My wife died through covid but nine years ago she contracted breast cancer and was doing a fantastic job of fighting it through the amazing work of the NHS I feel at times I am not mourning her enough because nothing is enough for the girl I lost I keep trying to remember the amazing life we have had together but my mind is yet still a blank thank you for reading my words as it is a help. I know now how much pain is out there until you are in it you do not know how much. Let’s hope sharing eases all our pain
Let’s all try to keep strong


I appreciate everyone is different, but I also found going back to work a useful distraction. I was going to have to return at some point, the sooner I went back and got those first awkward conversations out of the way the better.


Not an easy thing to do God I know but the world keeps on turning. The pain keeps on coming but normality is what we have been forced to carry on with. Let’s all keep on trying even though the its seems too hard not at times at the moment but every second of the day… Let’s all keep strong together.


Hello, I’d just like to say how much it helps reading all your posts. It’s definitely a two way process, everyone helps one another. For me it’s been almost 6 months now since my wife Helen died and I’ve got this far thanks to this site and weekly counselling together with one or two true friends. We understand each other.

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