A helping hand

Hi all. Just wanted to share this. While wandering through the many You Tube videos concerning overcoming fear, anxiety etc…I came across this which I have found useful …maybe you will too if you’re having anxiety issues.
In a nutshell…
The feelings of fear and excitement are the same… the difference is the interpretation by you.
When you encounter a fearful moment, do this…

  • count down from 5,4,3,2,1
  • think if a grounding thought…something good, joyful, positive, connected somehow to the same situation that has made you fearful
    Now, look upon the fearful situation within the joyful situation… excitement takes the place of fear. Remember, it’s the same emotion, it’s your interpretation that’s the change. Excitement replaced Fear is the goal.
    This takes a but if working on but I am finding its working…I am replacing my fear by calmness even excitement…it is so more calming and easing stress levels and actually kinder to those around me.
    Hope this helps you too.
    Annette x