A letter to my love.

                           A letter to my love.

My darling Jan, I love and miss you so much. Since you left, I’v cried a million tears. every day gets harder. You were my world. I may not have told you every day that I loved you so much, I feel so lonely without you, even with others around me, you are not there. I have loved you from when we first met. that wonderful day when I asked you if I could walk with you, and you said yes. My love for you grew more each day. You were so young and beautiful, and still are to me, and always will be. The many years we spent together will always stay in my memory, and my heart. When asked what would I change in your life , I know I would not change a thing, in case I missed meeting you, the love of my life. I bless every day spent with you, and thank God for giving you to me,. But did he need you back so soon. Does he need you more than I do. I try to keep things as you would have, the home the garden but the enthusiasm is not there, Without you. You were my strength and drive. I did it for us, not just me. The children have all been wonderful, and miss you too. the grandchildren are grown up without you to see how lovely they all are. none of them are married yet, so no great grandchildren. But they all miss their Nan. One day my prayers will be answered and we will be together again, and my heart will be mended and whole again. Until that day my love will never wane. I will always be yours. Your loving Tony. X


Dear @TonyM

Thank you for sharing a personal and beautiful letter to your love.

Take care.


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