A lighthearted look at future dating

There is no one on here who would ever replace the person they have lost nor would want to, but at some point some or all of us will find someone else.
i was wondering what sort of person they would look for. personally, if anyone has ever watched last of the summer wine, my ideal partner would be someone like Smiler or Clegg, they would be perfect.
(mind you if i was 30 yrs youngr it would be jonny depp lol)


A sugar daddy or anyone with a pulse ha ha you did sa
Y light heartedxxx


Hi well personally I consider myself a bit to old to be dating anyone haha

@steven i am 68 and the only reason i wouldnt is no one would put up with me, my hubby always said if i got with another guy he would send a letter with me wishing him all the luck in the world

Hi I get you. To me dating is a nuisance at my age. I don’t have time for someone anymore. The thing with dating and relationships is it takes to much effort and it’s boring


I just turned 65 so I’m not sure if I want to date or not. I’m not going to sign up on any dating sites because from what I’m hearing they are nothing but hell holes anyway. If I meet somebody organically, then OK but if not, that’s fine too.

I agree. Not for me. Nope.