A little poem

Our loved ones may be gone
But they remain in our hearts forever…
Remember the times they shone
And each day that you spent together…
Treasure each memory
And share them aloud…
For they will hear and see
And feel extremely proud…
They are always near
Travelling right beside…
So do not fear
They’re here for the ride…
To keep you safe
And guide you through,
This difficult place
Of constantly feeling blue…
Remember them dearly
And hold them close in your heart…
You will feel clearly
That you’re not fully apart…
A piece of them will forever remain
And in time, you will meet again :purple_heart:

For anybody that needs this, especially during the Christmas season when it can all get overwhelming and emotional…

I’m literally laying here in the dark and this poem literally came to my mind, just now (2am in the morning).

This will be my first Christmas without dad (we lost him in June, and since had his birthday without him, his wedding anniversary without him, remembrance day without him-he was always marching in the parades-and now it’ll be Christmas without him). All of the firsts…:broken_heart:

Sending love to all over this season. Look after yourselves. Be kind to yourselves. Do whatever you need to do in order to get through it and don’t feel pressured into anything, only you know what’s best for you.
We’re all here to support eachother :heart:


Beautiful poem I to am lying here can’t sleep thinking of jim and missing him next to me . This will be my first Xmas alone already had his birthday alone . I feel so sad :disappointed: when will this merry go round stop and let me off


Thankyou :heart: poetry is a form of therapy for me so I hope that this poems helps others out there.
I’m sorry you’re going through loss. It’s the most painful thing ever.
I’ve lost a fair amount of loved ones in my lifetime. Losing dad hits different and cuts very deep. It’s like I’m on the fastest ever, loop-de-loop, crazy roller-coaster. I suppose all we can do is just let our feelings and emotions out and don’t trap them inside.
I’m glad I found this site tbh. Even though words cannot bring them back, we can all find comfort in them and help one another out.
I hope you get manage to get some sleep. I’ve not lost a partner so I can only imagine the pain you’re in. Sending you love.

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Feel like I’m the only one not being able to sleep just made a hot chocolate see if that helps be time to get up soon. Hate this life and feel so overwhelmed with all that’s happened . To think only in May we was on holiday having a great time then in August it all changed forever . Now it feels cold and lonely :sleepy::sleepy:


Life is very cruel. I never in a millions years expected to lose dad. His passing was unexpected and so sudden, I still can’t grasp it now. Was admitted to hospital the Sunday, passed away the Monday night, I almost collapsed to the floor, I never got to say goodbye as he’d passed just before we got to the hospital :broken_heart:
I don’t know how I’m carrying on if I’m completely honest. But I’m proud to have his strength within me because he was the strong one and I seem to have that within me, looking after mum and my sister :heart:
All we can do is treasure the memories, share them with others and keep talking about them. But go at your own pace. If looking on memories is difficult, try to find a hobby or something to keep you busy until you’re ready


First Xmas without my ma in law I let her down

Sorry for your loss. Why do you think you let her down? ( You don’t have to answer that, I was just trying to see what has gone wrong for you), Ann

I moved into a new property a year ago had a breakdown in Sept and never came out of it

I am so sorry about that. It must have been awful for you. I hope you are getting help and support. Please post any time. People on here are here for you and each other.

What is your story

Such a beautiful poem ,thank you. I lost my dad over 30 years ago, I was 18, and my mum passed away July last year. I miss them so much, every day is a struggle. But I really believe that one day I will see them again, and that keeps me going. We all need something to get us through this pain.

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@Jasmine195 thankyou Jasmine, poems come to me as a way of dealing with life’s struggles. This came naturally so I thought I would share it.
I’m sorry you lost your dad so young, it’s awful to lose a parent at any age but 18, when you’re beginning adulthood and expect them to be with us for life :cry: and I’m sorry you lost your mum recently. I hope you’re doing okay and have got support around you. I too believe I’ll see Dad again. I believe he sends me signs now and then too.
They’re all up there, in the “real” world that’s pain-free and full of love, warmth, laughter and kindness, keeping a seat warm for us when it’s our time. That’s what this world was meant to be like but unfortunately it’s become toxic and vile. The good ones are always taken too soon :cry::broken_heart:

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