a long time mourning

I have been in mourning for over five years.

I know there is no solution … but it is hard work.

Their memories are often my only comfort. That is not much.

I always suffered melancholia being artistic and sensitive.

I know I will spend the rest of my life in deep mourning. That is kind of sad.
I am sure those immersed in a long-term grief find it sad, too.

I am reading “Letting Go” by Dr. David Hawkins. It might help some people.

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My grief is 41/2 years on Berit, and I agree this there is no “Mourning Period” because there is no “dot” like at the end of a sentence that could end the pain. My mourning will be lifelong, and although I will often find distractions in work and daily activities, it will remain deep inside me, a part of me now. I find I do not want to let it go, because it is a reminder, albeit painful, of the depth of love I shared with my precious little sister. We may lose a limb, adjust and appear brave and resilient but nevertheless we will always be acutely aware of what we are missing, and such we shall always grieve for what we lost. My thoughts are with you on this difficult journey. Take care Xxx

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Thank you berit i will have a look at the book,

I have mentioned in another post that counselors wanted to wean me from it but that was a nightmarish prospect.

I see their point but it is the most tender meaningful thing that I have.

My life would be a black void if it were not for these deeply sentimental memories.
So I cling to it and without the incoming of new life and opportunity, hard to find in this
world, it remains a world in my head.

The book helps remove the layers of artificiality in life. Being a good and wonderful person it says is enough.

berit that is helpful Thank you