Hello everyone. I am devastated losing my mam over 3 weeks now. I’m not doing Christmas but will get a tree for the garden and create a ‘memory tree’ for her with everyone’s memories and thoughts and messages. She would be very upset if I didn’t do something. I’ll take pics and add them to the albums I created for the funeral (2 days ago). This will be my new Christmas tradition dedicated to mam. She is so loved and missed by us all. It is heartbreaking to not have her here. So for anyone wanting to do this just create cardboard tags with a hanging loop and cellotape or glaze to weatherproof. If you take photos as you go you can keep your memories forever. There was a communal memory tree outside the chapel of rest and I thought it was such a lovely thing to do. Just wanted to share with all you lovely, heartbroken people x


Dear Christine51

I am so sorry for the loss of your mum. Your mum will always be in your heart where ever you go and this lovely new Christmas tradition you have started is a beautiful dedication to your mum. Thank you for sharing this, I am sure this will inspire others to do the same.

Take care.

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There was a communal Memory Tree outside of the Chapel of Rest and I thought it was such a lovely thing. I can’t face xmas without her but can do this, hopefully. I still think she’s just popped out and I’ll have to tell her about my new thing, then realise she’s never coming back. I’m totally devastated and can’t imagine not feeling like this. I’m dreading Christmas and will never celebrate again.

I have seen the Memory Trees at our local hospital and they are beautiful. They do bring comfort as your tree will. The loss of your mum is very raw and you are grieving and in pain understandably. This too is your first Christmas without your mum which bring it all home as Christmas is all about family.

There are organisations I can guide you to if you need someone to talk to and there are topics on losing a parent to connect you to other members on here. Please do not feel you are alone. We are here for you too.

Please feel free to share a photo of the tree you have dedicated to your mum should you so wish. Take care.

What a lovely idea @christine51. It would be wonderful if you could share a photo with us on the forum; I for one, would love to see your memory tree. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I hope there are still xmas trees left to buy. Been in a time lapse bubble since Nov so just realised the date. I will take pics and post them. Feeling numb today. Sat in a church and thought I’d feel close to mam because it is a space in which she would have been happy but there was no connection, no atmosphere even though the church was beautiful and very old. Doesn’t seem real again that she’s not here for xmas or anything else.

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What a great idea I’m going to do a memory tree next year put jims favourite things on it and angels. I can’t have a ordinary tree so this seems a brilliant idea thank you Christine xx would love to see pic of yours

Hiya, Hoping to get my tree tomorrow to start my memories. So pleased you are inspired to do one too. I cannot even think about Christmas so to do this for my mam would really please her. I’ll add angels to my thoughts. When I went to the church service the little Sunday school children had created paper angels and they adorned the trees lining the path to the church. That broke my heart! I remember going to church with my mam when I was little. I woke up at 5 this morning and cried for 3 hours before I had to get up to see my dad and sister before they go up North tomorrow. I feel so lost without my mam. Hope there’s some trees left. Will do it with my niece and nephew. Much love xxx