A Million Tears (Poem)

A million tears fall upon my pillow they are with me every night.
I hug your pillow and hold it tight as my tears glisten in the moonlight.

A million tears fall just for you, I’m confined within this grief.
A life to live without you is a way beyond belief.

A million tears fall down my cheeks like rain down a window pane.
As these days turn into weeks, my tears will stay the same.

A million tears I have cried for you another million will surely follow.
It hurts so much to live without you as my heart and soul feel hollow.

A million tears each one is a memory of a life we shared together
So until the day we meet again these tears will fall forever.

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Such a beautiful poem and I agree with every sentiment.

Lit my candle at 8pm, looked up to the sky, called his name and told him I love and miss him and the tears are back again. Doesn’t feel like they’ll ever stop. It must be coming up to a million shed, if not more, by now!.

Shared pain and tears. One of his friends called round to help me with something at tea-time. Suggested I went to stay with our daughter. Had to explain apart from this breaking lockdown rules it would change nothing. Our kids cannot be responsible for me, they have their own lives and I will just have to continue this lonely existence. Just so heartbroken for everyone on this awful journey.

Take care.