A month on

Afternoon all. I lost my mum around a month ago. She had been in hospital for quite some time with an infection, liver and kidney issues. Unfortunately she needed to have an operation due to an infection and basically it was too much for her. Myself and my stepdad were able to be with her for the whole of the day she passed away and were there at the end. We got the call early on that day to explain that we should come to the hospital. I was extremely close to my mum (haven’t seen my father for over 30 years and am an only son) and however much you prepare yourself it’s still the worse thing. I seemed to be getting on ok and was kept busy with the funeral plans etc. since then I have struggled more although I seem less teary than I previously was. The big thing that gets me every time is walking into the hospital on that day and seeing how she was. I wasn’t expecting her to look like she did and sadly although she tried we couldn’t hear what she was trying to say. I am guessing that overtime this will become less painful. At least I hope that’s the case.

I also struggle with the way life goes on. We have a baby party tomorrow (have a little one) and then have friends coming over Sunday. As well as this I want to spend some time with my stepdad as he is now on his own. Not sure anyone can say much but it might just help for me to write this down.

One final question. The day mum passed she was kept in a normal ward i.e where she was prior to the operation. Although the curtains were closed she spent her last day with other patients in the ward and visitors coming and going (in fact the patients little daughter in the bay next door threw a toy under the curtains while visiting) I was always under the impression patients were put in a side room for end of life care. I don’t want to make a fuss and can’t fault the NHS staff but it’s been in my mind.

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Hi @James40 sorry for the loss of your Mum. It’s a brutal experience and after just a month you’re still in the early raw stage of grief. You might need to step back from social engagements for a bit or let people know if you’re struggling. Life does seem to just carry on and for those trying to adjust to loss it can be hard. My Mum died over a year ago and it has been a tough time. Give yourself time to reflect on everything that’s happened and of course, support your step father. It sounds like the hospital could have been a bit more compassionate by moving your Mum to a side room I agree, but perhaps there were none available? It does seem very harsh that you experienced the end of your Mum’s life in a busy ward. As you said, in time these details will be less painful but be kind to yourself, feel the emotions, don’t rush the process. Grief can be a complicated experience so I send you best wishes as you navigate your way through. Take care xx