A mums final goodbye (to my son)

Mums final goodbye xx

Conor, you were, and always will be my first born and only son.

I was only 25 when I had you, which is so young;

but it is an age that you will never become!

I worked so hard to give you a good life and experiences that others would never know;

But little did I know that I could not protect you forever, and would be forced to let you go.

You were more like me then you ever knew;

Striving to achieve and become successful in everything you do.

But life and luck were not on your side;

And all we could ask was WHY! WHY! WHY!

You did not deserve what has happened to you,

And I will fight for justice, as it’s the right thing to do.

You will be missed by so many and the love will remain in our heart,

But we will never understand the incident that tore us apart.

Sleep well my baby!

We will bring you home and there you will stay, until we are able to meet again some day.

— with Conor Wells.

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I just wanted to say how touched I was by your post and more so by the presence of photos, which not many people add and which make it all the more real.
I am very sorry for your loss.

Cheryl x

Thankyou x

What a handsome lovely young man. I’m so sorry for your loss. Life is too cruel. That is a lovely tribute.

I am so moved by your post. I lost my son Henry on the 20th October and my heart is forever broken. He was 30 years and 15 days old.

We are forever bound by love to our children and the physical grief we feel that they have left this world is crippling and I’m so sorry you are having to cope with such a terrible loss. No one should have to feel the pain of losing their child.

I hope you have kind and loving people around to support you.

Much love and hugs

Beautiful son, beautiful words. x x

What lovely words , And pictures , I’m so sorry, I lost my wonderful son June last year to bone marrow failure, he was so full of life until he became ill , He has left us a beautiful grandson who misses his daddy so much , our hearts broke the day we lost Chris , the only people who know how we feel are us , may god bless you and your family xxx


I am so sorry that you have had such a tragedy in your family, HS, Your son and his bride together with the little boy look so happy on their wedding day. Take good care and be kind to yourself.

The picture is of my son Chris , his son Max and me on my wedding day to his stepdad, no one will understand our loss , losing a child is the ultimate tragedy, I’m so sorry for your loss and all those other people who have lost their loved ones , the only time I smile now is when I have Max with me , we have to keep talking about them which is why these sites are good for us , my son passed away at Addenbrokes hospital I can honestly say they have been amazing, we have had fantastic support from them , even this week they gave us a candle with Chris name on it in his memory, I do hope you are getting some support, please keep in touch we all need each other as only us know the heartache we feel xxx

Thank you, HS,
I have the support of my two children who are in there 50’s, they have been wonderful despite their grief for their dad. The live 80 miles away in opposite directions but come and see me often.

That’s wonderful we need support, so do they , it’s hard for everyone, please contact me again we need as much support as possible, :heart:Xx

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