A new day


I have just read some of my recent posts. Well, you can certainly tell I was in one of the dips on this rollercoaster of bereavement.

So here’s me being more positive!

First of all, I’m glad I am feeling a bit more positive.

It is sunny here.

I haven’t got much washing up to do :partying_face::partying_face:

I am going to try and go out and have an ice cream. I might even have a flake in it :laughing:

I won’t go on as I know for many of you today is not a good day.

Sending thanks for having been there when I posted my ‘down’ thoughts.

Sending my understanding of this journey we are on.

Also, sending much love and very big hugs,

Rose :heart: x


A positive day is a good day :slightly_smiling_face:

Ice cream always helps!

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Glad you’ve had a good day and hope they come for you more frequently. I was lucky enough to spend last Monday with my daughter and grandchildren, in between the showers had the most delicious passion fruit glace. A good day for me. Wishing good days on all who are trying to find a path to the new normal oxo

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This is a good day for me. I have found the courage to let go of my grief. Actually it’s not just today I’ve done that it’s been happening for me for fair few days.
It feels so damned good after feeling my life was over. It’s not over. I can face the future now

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@Steven, wishing you the best. You never lose the love but the grief doesn’t have to rule the life you have left. I hope we all reach that point.

Positive-ish morning yesterday.

Afternoon and evening not so good.

But it’s a new day.

So with absolutely no idea of what to do today, here we go!!!



This afternoon I went out and hopefully sorted something out that needed to be done.

Today I felt that I must collect my husband’s ashes. I had not felt able to do it before.

So I have collected the casket and he is home.

Rose xx

Hi Rose garden, getting the most difficult things on the list done is very satisfying. Glad you felt up to It :blush:

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Thank you.

I had been dreading it for a few weeks.
Somehow, today I felt so strongly I had to do it even though I was by myself.


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