A new day

A new day has begun a chance to say maybe it will be a better day.
Do you say that now you are alone trying to adjust?
Some days are better.



Let’s hope today is a better day for us all :heartpulse:

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Yes let’s hope so. Unfortunately it’s not started very well. 8 weeks tomorrow for me and the reality that this is it for the next 20 years is difficult to bear. I do try and stay positive but then like this morning I’m completely overwhelmed.and just can’t see the point in anything anymore. Love to you all x



Good morning, I understand to well how you feel it’s 9 weeks tomorrow for me.

I try it stay positive, I really do but it is so bloody hard isn’t it. My Andrew would hate for me to have a life of misery!

Sorry your feeling so overwhelmed, I do hope it passes quickly. Yesterday morning I felt terrible but as the day went on it kind of subsided. This morning I feel anxious. Grief kinda goes around in circles doesn’t it. I’ve got things to do this morning, so I’m hoping after that I’ll feel better.

Sending a big virtual hug :hugs: xx

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Good morning,

yes, I wake up and soon think it’s a new day. Then I wait to see if I am waking up in a positive mood or not.
I don’t feel I have any control over my emotions. They seem to rule me.

I try not to think too far in the future.
It’s to much, overwhelming.
So I think about what I may do that morning or that day.

Actually, that is how we were, we were not planners. We would wake up and then talk about what we wanted or had to do.

That’s what is best for me but others will have their own routines.
It definitely is a case of what is best for you.

It is 15 weeks tomorrow. I cannot believe it has been that long. I now hate Sundays.
I think I need something to occupy my mind. So today I will think about what I could do tomorrow or wait until tomorrow to decide.

Please be kind to yourself and deal with what you can.

Love and hugs to everyone,

Rose xx


A new day to try new things, i pick my new car up today. It was hard to pick one and also hard to deal with some salesmen, but found a lovely young man to help and talk to me in a way i could understand about what i had picked. I will be sad to see Robs car go but it was never mine as I sold mine last year as we only needed 1 car and his was the newer and bigger car.

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