A new partner after bereavement.

I lost my wife of 48 years in January 2019. She had been ill for some time, but the end came suddenly and without warning. I am still grieving, becoming tearful and emotional for no apparent reason, but trying to get on with life.
About 6 months ago, I met another lady who I felt at ease with, and could talk to. She had been divorced for some years, and our relationship has developed into something meaningful.
In the background I am still grieving, missing my wife who was my soulmate.
I like this lady a lot, and feel I can be a help and support to her, as she has been to me, though I don’t think she understands my grief. We don’t talk about my late wife, and rarely mention her as I feel the new lady is rather jealous of the relationship I had.
And I feel so guilty. I tell myself that I am not betraying my late wife, that I must rebuild my life and try to make the most of what time is left to me. I know that what I’m doing is not wrong by any standard, that I’m entitled to a life and a future, but it still doesn’t feel right.
I’m hoping that those feelings will pass

Hello Jaldi,
It is your own business if you have found someone you can empathise with, whatever you do and wherever you go it is nothing to do with anyone else. It is you who is grieving, and no way will it diminish your feelings for your lovely wife. Go for it, lad.
My very best wishes to you and your new friend.

Jaldi, it’s lovely that someone has come into you life. Life can be too short. Embrace what comes your way, especially if it could lead to happiness. Take care

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Hi Jaldi, just seen your post and I can understand all your feelings but please just go with your own gut feelings on this. To be honest I always feel that in things like this men have different feelings to women but why don’t you ask your friend what she feels about your situation and about your late wife, you never know what may come from that discuss. I think if it was me in her place that’s what I would like to happen but that’s me, you know her, I don’t. I do wish you all the happiness in the world.
Blessings S

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