A nother tearful lonley weekend

It’s a a year last August since I lost my boyfriend but the pain and sadness never seams to end so lonley without my best friend.

Hi dieselbod69

So sorry for the loss of your boyfriend. It is always so hard when someone is taken too soon. Although most of us feel our partners were taken too soon, whatever their age. I know what you mean about the weekends. I have spent most of the week trudging around the shops. Last night I felt really low. Couldn’t really think why unless it’s because this particular weekend is one of sadness due to the Rememberance Services. Today is better because my sister has just phoned. I have decided to take myself off to the cinema this afternoon to distract myself and fill in the endless hours.

Finding something to distract you for a couple of hours at least gives you some respite from the crushing sadness and loneliness.

Sorry, not very helpful I know but wanted you to know you are not alone and others feel the same.

Sending you a hug


Thank you for your reply yes keeping occupied does help just miss Steve so much being such a emotional weekend does affect the mood . Makes a difference to know how I feel thank you!

Sorry I ment to say to know others know how I feel

Hi sorry for the loss of your boyfriend I understand how you feel some Saturdays I go out with my sister even though I don’t feel great I lost my partner 6 months ago and I miss him everyday try and keep yourself occupied I know it’s hard.
Take care
Christine x

Hi I am so sorry for your loss I also lost my husband three months ago he was only 43 very suddenly and the shock of not having my soulmate here is so hard. My life means nothing without him we did everything together. He wouldn’t want me to be sad but you can’t help it. Thinking of you.

Hi Dieselbod,
I am deeply sorry for your loss.I just lost my mom after soon before losing my dad and I feel numb. My daughter and my work help a little, but I am a no-shame crier and I let myself cry anywhere.
Highly recommend the book of COO of Facebook Sheryl Sandberg- Plan B. She lost her husband very suddenly and her book is very much helpful.
Stay strong and always pour it out, I am here
Mira x

Hi Dawn,
So sorry for your loss.
I recomended a book a bit down, helps me coping with grief over my parents.
Mira x

Thank you so much.