A picture says a thousand words

I have a box of sentimental things that I have kept stowed away for years - unable to look at or know what to do with - and it was upsetting …

I was always afraid of upsetting family members or being accused of dwelling on things and not getting over it quickly enough (for others )

But today it felt different- I can’t explain why
I came across the box and found a sketch my partner had done of our son when he was a baby

Today I framed it and hung it in the front room and I feel shameless and not afraid to hear the comments in my home about how appropriate it may or not be

I feel very proud and happy to have it there - I hope this is turning a corner
Still miss him but I can accept he’s gone but has left parts of him with me

Much love


I don’t know how long your son has passed .But I think that is a wonderful thing to do .Do what you think is right .Unless people have walked in your shoesthey have no right to judge
.My daughter passed 3 months ago she was 44 it is still raw.

It’s beautiful if it’s right for you then it’s right. End of. Other peoples opinions do not matter. It’s what feels right for you. They are not in your shoes. Sending love to you both xx

Thankyou for the replies
It’s always been to painful ? I think
I don’t know where this confidence has come from

Much love x