A poem about how I feel almost 2 years on

As I grieve alone

It seems now I am grieving alone
Everyday I message your phone
Because no one else seems to understand
That I will always miss holding your hand.

People feel I will have moved on
And that now my grieving is done
They think that I should now live my own life
Not understanding I’ll always be your wife.


Jodel, I like your poem because each line. Says just how life really is when you are supposed to have moved on. Like you I will always be his wife and miss holding hands. Look after yourself Sxx

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Only people, who are going through this, will understand, it’s 19 months for me, I am sure people think I should be over this, and moving on to the next chapter, however in the book of life, I will be on this page always, the day my Shell died, part of me died with her. Okay at work , I am kind of back to me, laughing, telling jokes, good acting, inside its far from the truth. I can’t explain to them, on here I can.
Take care, I wish all, some kind of peace.


Nice poem, it comes direct from your heart, as do mine. But now i am wanting to write lyrics for songs .
O want to write a poem that comes from so very pure and deep in my heart
But sometimes i sit for hours with words in my mind but can’t be sure where to start
I think of words ,that i think may be just right And sometimes i will wrack my brains all night

Occasionally words will flow without a single hitch
And for me they hit the right and perfect pitch

Often i will create a poem, without having knowing what the title should be
But Often part way through words seem to gel and jump out at me

If i write a poem that to me seems perfect for a song. I will sing it out , to find out if its going wrong
Sometimes i write a poem about what is going round in my head
Or sometimes, i write the words, when i am , lId relaxing in my bed

Poetry to me is a way of expressing myself loudly and clearly
But very often, i write a new poem , because from stress it releases me
Mr chipps the singing poet