A Poem I'd like to share ~ The Unreachable Itch

Dear Community,
I spontaneously write idioms or diary notes of observations I find some humour or of interest. Occasionally I turn it into poetry. I’d like to share this poem with you; just a capture of a few fleeting moments inside my mind one particular morning recently… and how I was emotionally a wreck, how I interpreted those emotions. Warm hugs to all :smile:

My grief right now feels like an itch,
When contorting yourself to extremes fails, you just cannot reach it.
Stretch a little further, now flustered with straining,
Not able to scratch at this sensation not waning.
I feel angry I have no one whom I can express verbal frustration,
I imagine however that I have this very conversation.
I’m grumpy and feel undeserved of this isolation,
Which I could easily manifest into physical aggression.

I hear strangers walking by my window and start to vision my intentions,
Of feeling better by approaching them and punching them senseless.
Disgusted conscience acutely intervenes with vengeance,
Reminding me that acting out what my husband did so many times,
Brought unrelenting and dramatic unnecessary attention,
Not a loyalty I wanted for an immoral ideation.

So I imagine his smile and that twinkle in his eyes and close mine too now,
Take a deep breath and smile back, wipe a few tear drops aside.
As always, my motherly duty foreboding,
My focus is shifted as calm ripples of emotion flow,
Above and softening the undercurrent turmoil below.

If all of this I imagined, albeit it being brief,
It is true all does go against my moral belief,
Exposure of a fraction of chaotic thoughts that flee,
Like able to scratch an unreachable itch, gives us OH SO much relief!


Dear @Scorp7

Thank you for sharing your poetry with the Community. You have a gift for writing poetry.

Take care.


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