A possible way forward

I lost my lady after 56 years married to a sudden attack of brain cancer in May 18. The effect on me and my life has been devastating. Living alone with no near by family is unbelievabley difficult a stresful.

I cant do this anymore, I just cant live like this anymore. She told me just before she passed to find a new life and a new lady so that I maybe happy again. Ill never stop loving her but she’s right a new life and a new person in my life is the only way forward for me.

I have therefore concluded there must be a lady or two out there who has lost her husband and must feel very lost just like me.
Yes im activity looking for someone who has had her life torn apart as I have so we can communicate with each other… if your lonely and you dont communicate with someone you’ll remain lonely.
You’ll never replace my wife nor will I replace your husband but at least we can and will completely relate to each others feelings and maybe have many moments of enjoyment together during the rest of our lives…
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thank you for reading this…John

Im so sorry for your loss, 56 years is such a long time it must be so awful for you.

Hi John. I know exactly how you feel. I lost my husband John on 5th May this year to sepsis after operation? He went in hospital on 1st May and dead by 5thMay? I was and still am devestated afterbeing married for 62yrs. We did everything together holidays shopping days out etc. As we’ve always stayed young and kept fit. So much so we didn’t need anyone else we just wanted each other? So now I am all alone? I am trying to join groups to make friends. I do tai chi twice a week and Pilates I visit my friend in Malvern when ever possible as I don’t want to make a nuisance of myself? I went on the cruise in July we had already booked and met a nice lady from Cannock and I have visited her too but I want to meet someone I can see every week and have a cuppa or lunch together. I’ve been to the cinema with another friend but these are married? I need to meet widows and widowers? Who have the same experience as I do!! Just try joining clubs John to help you. Beryl

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Hello John
I am so sorry that you have been left alone…it is very early days for you but I understand exactly what you are trying to say…no one else could ever replace the person we have lost but loneliness makes grief even heavier to carry…sometimes I too wish for a little companionship from someone wearing a similar T shirt! If you live in a town there may well be some kind of group you could join but for those in rural areas it is more difficult. I wish you well…keep posting on here…at least you will know that others are trudging along too @