A reading with a psychic medium

This thread is about a reading I had with a psychic medium and some events which followed it. I realise that people have different opinions about mediums and what happens after we die, but I wanted to relate some events which have happened to me personally in the past 3 weeks which certainly strengthened my beliefs, and may give others food for thought. I apologize in advance for this post being rather long and wordy.

I should say at the outset that my wife, Nicki, and I had several experiences during our 31 years together which convinced both of us that there is indeed some form of afterlife. So I do admit that I’m a believer, but I hope that doesn’t colour my views too much. I’m not trying to convince anyone to believe what I believe, I’m simply relating events as they have happened to me recently.

Nicki passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in July 2020. I felt then, and still do, that my own life ended the day I lost her, and within a handful of weeks after her passing, I was already thinking that I wanted to talk to a psychic medium. I really was desperate. However, my mind, body and life were in such turmoil that I kept putting it off, until I reached a stage where I thought that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to try and make contact with Nicki too soon, that maybe she needed time to adjust to her new “environment” and to understand her surroundings. It’s strange how the mind works after such an intense shock.

Throughout 2021 this need for contact was always at the back of my mind, virtually every day. I had hoped to enlist the help of a friend to visit a medium she had been to some time ago, but the right circumstances just never materialised. However, as the year progressed, the need for me to try to make contact with Nicki became stronger and stronger, to the point that I was struggling more than ever to carry on day to day. Someone had made a post on the forum some considerable time ago about a medium they had used and mentioned them by name, so I started searching on the internet for someone UK-based and I found one other possible candidate. I eventually settled on this second candidate. The day I made the telephone call to book an appointment, I was feeling stressed in a “should I, should I not” mode and I actually had to work up the courage to make the call. Oddly, after I had arranged the appointment, I felt a strange calmness come over me.

So, a couple of days later, in late November 2021, I had a 40-minute telephone reading with my chosen psychic medium. I won’t go into detail of the reading, except for one item that I’ll get to in a moment. The first 10 minutes were not quite what I expected or hoped for, but as the session progressed I do honestly believe - because of certain details that were said - that he was indeed relaying messages to me from my wife.

A few weeks after my wife passed, I decided I was going to light a candle every night in her memory. I buy fairly large pillar candles and one can last me about 4 weeks or so. One of the messages relayed to me by the medium was “you light a candle for her, and she says please, please be careful of the candles” and that Nicki wanted me to get battery-operated candles instead, because of her fear of fire. I should point out at this stage that I never mentioned any of my wife’s names during the reading, nor did the medium refer to her by name.

In our house, we have two smoke alarms, one in the downstairs hall and the other in the upstairs landing. They are powered from the mains supply but also have a battery backup. About 3 or 4 days after the psychic reading, the smoke alarms started to beep, so I downloaded some instructions for them and, just as I expected, the beeping indicated that the backup batteries needed to be replaced. I didn’t bother doing anything about them until a couple of days later, by which point the beeping had become more and more frequent and was happening every 30 seconds or so. At that point it was like Chinese water torture, I had had enough and replaced the backup battery in both alarms.

The next night, I was getting sorted for bed (around 2am is my norm) and the smoke alarms started to beep again, and my first thought was that the replacement batteries might be dud, so I was a bit hacked off about that. The beeping didn’t last long, so I went to bed and thought nothing more of it.

The same thing happened the next night, and again I just thought it was odd. I did actually walk into the upstairs landing at one point and stood staring at the alarm (fastened to the ceiling) for a couple of minutes to see if anything was wrong with it. The alarm has a green LED light to show mains power is connected, and a red light flashes every 40 seconds to show that it is active. Everything seemed ok.

I had recorded the psychic reading on my mobile phone as it happened because I wanted to be able subsequently to replay it whenever I wanted. So the next night, I was getting ready for bed again, talked to Nicki for a bit as I usually do, cried a lot, then I decided I was going to listen to the recorded reading, on my mobile. I curled up on our bed, and started playing the recording while looking at an old wedding photo of Nicki, also on my phone. As the recording progressed, I started hearing the odd beep from the upstairs smoke alarm, and I thought my mind was playing tricks. In total, the alarm beeped four distinct times and it disturbed me so much that I started keeping a written record later in the morning.

The next night, the exact same thing happened again. I listened to the reading, the upstairs smoke alarm beeped several times - I didn’t make a note of how many - and I made some more written notes in the morning.

To date, this same sequence of events has happened on 12 occasions over 10 consecutive nights. As I became more and more aware of the alarm beeping, I started to record voice memos on my phone of what was being mentioned in the reading when each beep sounded, then in the morning I would make more and more detailed notes on what had happened. When I compared my written notes for the last 3 days, I noticed that at least some of the beeps tended to sound at the same points in the reading across different nights. Armed with this information, I paid even more attention last night and was almost able to predict when the smoke alarm would sound. Some examples:

Medium: she wants you to have rest
Me: yes (then the alarm beeps immediately)

Medium: did she like animals?
Me: yes (then the alarm beeps immediately)

Me: I'd like to light a candle for her (Nicki) in a church for Christmas
Medium: yes, she says she'd like that (then the alarm beeps immediately)

(For background, I’m probably lucky to average 4 hours sleep each night, and over the last week that has dropped to about 2 hours. I do doze a lot in the afternoons though. Also, Nicki absolutely loved animals, we always had dogs and latterly she was sending a monthly contribution to an Asia-based animal charity, specifically to care for elephants and moon bears).

About 4 days ago, I woke up at 6am, had been asleep for a little over an hour, and couldn’t get back to sleep again. I played (twice) one of the relaxation CDs I had transferred to my old Nokia mobile phone, but was still awake gone 7am. So I picked up my current mobile and started listening to the recording with the psychic medium. And what happened? The upstairs smoke alarm started beeping again! I was stunned!

I have now started to record the time in the audio file of when the alarm beeps occur, so I can make comparisons across different nights and determine if the beeps always (or mostly) happen at the same time position in the audio file across each night. I still have last night’s “data” to process.

If someone had related this story to me, I would probably have found it difficult to accept and laughed it off. But all I can say is that it is absolutely true, though I still have trouble believing it myself. But when I hear those beeps, it sounds to me that Nicki is trying to emphasise her response to a particular comment that has been made in the reading. Some may think it all a huge set of coincidences, but for me, it gives me a great sense of comfort, knowing that Nicki likely can see and hear everything I do and say, and is always close by my side.

So, there we are. Some food for thought, maybe.


Hi @Alston56.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I am so pleased it has given you comfort. I visited a medium around 5 months after my husband had passed. It was an amazing experience and I too gained a huge amount of solace from it.

After my husband passed, my bedside light (which you turn on by touching the base - no switch) started flickering. I thought it was something else going wrong to start with p, but over time I realised that it happened on specific important days. The light was fine in between. It last happened on my son’s birthday. I videoed it - so have the ‘evidence’. Eventually, the light stopped working - it wouldn’t go off until I unplugged it. The bulb never blew though - which I thought it would if it had been a ‘normal’ problem.

I feel I need to relay a strange incident based on the experiences from this thread. I have a new work colleague who believes strongly in the spiritual life after death. We have developed an nice rapport and chat easily about our lives. We were working together one day when she noticed a charm bracelet I was wearing and asked what kind it was. She told me she had collected an order from a well known clothes shop and that there was an extra small bag inside. She did not order anything else and the shop had no way of knowing who had ordered it so couldn’t take it back. It turned out to be a charm for my make of bracelet and the shop was the company my husband had worked for for 15 years and he had died doing his job! She is convinced it is a sign from my husband especially when I told her that the bracelet was my husband’s first xmas present to me 4 years ago and he had bought me a new charm every year. Strange but absolutely true. Not sure what to make of it but a lovely thought. Peace to you all.


I am devastated since my mam left me 4 weeks ago. We have a much loved site where we can post messages and pictures in tribute to her. I was checking the lyrics of the songs played at the church service and crem, singing in my head, remembering my lovely childhood and imagining mam as a young woman dancing (she loved to dance). So I was concentrating on the songs in order to post them. I could smell the candle from the chapel of rest (very pungent) and could feel mam sitting with me. I even turned around and asked her if she was there. She didn’t answer and the candle smell stopped. But I believe she visited me like I had been asking her to since she left me. I spent 2 hours a day for 3 days holding her hand, telling her how much I love her, how I want to join her in her casket. Each time I left the chapel I could smell that candle. I feel blessed that she was visited me. I see white feathers in my garden and on the doorstep. My mobile turned itself on and beeped when I woke up crying. It wasn’t plugged in or turned on. It was face down. I miss her so much. The online midnight mass service tonight was very upsetting. I had to stop singing because I could hear mam singing to me when I was little. Remembering her is not the same as feeling her presence. I believe in a spiritual after life, whatever that is. I am told that when we die we rise up from the body and there is a sense of absolute bliss, a feeling of completion. I can’t wait to join her and hope that she will be there to meet me when my time comes. This is so heartbreaking.

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I went away to my step daughter’s this last weekend. I was glad to come home as it was so cold there and my house is warm. When I arrived home I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and being surrounded with love. Then when I went into my bedroom which I had shared with my late husband David, the main lights flashed several times before they settled down. Probably a perfectly logical explanation but I felt as if he was there, welcoming me home.