A Realisation

I am coming up to the 2nd year anniversary since my husbands death.

I feel at odds with other loved ones in my life and I’ve realised it’s because of the following:

  1. I feel alone in my grief as I am the only one who was his wife and had that closeness so my grief is a lonely experience.

  2. I am no longer special to a certain someone.


Hi, I lost my partner to cancer in February this year. From symptoms, diagnosis to dying was a matter of weeks. I totally agree and empathise with your words. Suddenly not have that one person who loves you best and puts your happiness and well being above anything else, as you would theirs is an aching loss. I guess it’s why couples refer to each other as the other half. I know I’m incomplete and always shall be now. Take care, lots of love. Elfy


Hello to you both, yes we feel lost, alone and unwanted without our special person and it takes time to comes to terms with life without the other half, half of yourself is missing. I have always described it as a big black hole which at times becomes smaller and others grows out of control. It’s hard to see how life can go on but it does and we grow to understand that loss. Take care of yourselves and love and blessings to you both on this Easter Day. xx

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