A Robin

I was in the garden earler. June so loved her garden, now I have to look after it and I know very little about gardening - but I’ll get help. So, I tied up a bush that was damaged by the wind, turned round and there, on the table was a Robin. very still, Looking at me. Maybe 2 foot away. When her mum died 4 years ago, June would always say when she saw a Robin that it was Mum checking up on us. That Robin this evening just stood there and looked at me., I couldn’t move. maybe 1 minute, maybe 10, I really don’t know how long it was there till it flew away. I’m sure it was my June coming back to say she’s ok and checking up on me. Stupid I guess, but that what I think. I’ve taken some comfort tonight thinking that she’s ok. Not sure what else to say, just a stong feeling that I had to post this. i will be looking for that Robin the next few days


Hi Dave
I too have a Robin that visits often. It gives me a lot of comfort. Mine usually sits on my washing which makes me smile. It looks straight at me too. I’m having to learn gardening as well. Don’t actually mind pottering on out there. Frankie loved the garden. I miss sitting out on a nice evening with a glass of wine and the chiminea on.

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OMG, that’s what I wa thinking, I’m not a gardener but like nice garden so try and potter round. I hope the Robin comes back tomorrow

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Same here hun sitting out there with a glass of wine watching my Edward throw the wood in if only once more hope your okay as can be expected in my thoughts hun take of yourself Adele x :broken_heart:

How many of us do/did that. Sat in the garden on sumers evening with a glass of red talking rubbish. I so miss that. I just miss everything. thank you all for resppnding, maybe I’m not crazy, just sad

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Thanks Adele. I will fire up the chiminea one day in his honour. Not the same sitting out there on my own though. Dave I hope your Robin comes back. I’m the same. I look forward to seeing mine and even say hello💙

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i’m crying now, but I know my June came to me this evening… thanks you girls, people here are so kind…

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Ah bless you Dave. I’m sure June has been to see you. Big hugs💙

Thanks hun me too one day I hope look after yourself and your loved ones sending you a hug from one broken heart to another Adele x :broken_heart:

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Dave of course she did keep it close in your heart she will be back again our Soulmates never leave us dry them tears please in my thoughts and prayers stay safe Adele x

I feel quite peaceful tonight. I know my June is at peace with her mum and dad. She’ll wait for me I know, I pray it won’t be too long. i read before that tears are a sign that we love have loved and are loved. as long as my June is ok, then I’ll be ok, broken, but ok. Thank you all for caring - it makes a difference - the kindness of strangers, except we aren’t we all have something dreadfel in common. I will look for Robins


Bless you dave they will come to you please look after yourself as much as possible in my thoughts and prayers stay safe Adele x

Dave I bet the robin is a sign that your beloved June is with you! Take care and keep looking out for them. Janet


Hi Dave I can identify with your Robin experience. Since my darling has been gone, nearly five years I have had a number of experiences involving animals doing very strange things. I lost my faith when he died but the things that have happened have been very strange and are exactly the sort of thing that he would do. I am trying to believe again. Hold on to these things and hopefully they will give comfort. Nothing will ever take the pain away but to have some hope may help. Bless you.


Dave I know exactly how you feel. I too have a Robin thats comes so close and looks right at e, he doesn’t move and I’m sure its my darling Tony trying to tell me hes ok. It does give comfort. We both loved the garden, and enjoyed a glass of wine , sitting there in the evening, . How I wish we could still be doing that. So empty and missing him so very much. I’m caring for the garden, as best I can, Tony loved the garden and we both spent a lot of time in it. I feel bit better when I’m outside.
Dreading the coming months, as nights draw in. I’m sure the Robins are our loved ones way of coming to us, when we have loved and been loved so much, how can it just be whisked away from us.
Think of you Dave, look after the garden, and the Robin will be around, I’m sure
Best wishes


Hi Dave and all those members that are seeking out the Robins. I too feel there is some significance in their appearance.
Just after Brian died I was working on his allotment. Emptying a compost bin. A Robin landed on the rim of the bin and watched me. I started talking to it as if it was Brian. I asked it if it approved of what I was doing. It then moved to the handle of the wheelbarrow and stayed near me for some time. Later one of the large vegetable cages was badly damaged in the winds and I couldn’t see how I was going to be able to repair it. I arrived at the allotment gate one morning and on the top was sat a Robin. I immediately felt that I could do the repairs to the broken cage, Brian was near. I have had many visits from a lone Robin and it does give me comfort.


Hi Dave, I met a friend at Dobbies last weekend and this wee Robin came and sat on the chair next to me then onto the table. I just cried as it stayed there and under the table for ages.
I am sure our loved ones are there with us every day and send signs to let us know.
Take care S x

Hi. I lost my wonderful husband suddenly five weeks ago. I Have had a beautiful brown and gold butterfly fly into my house first time it just flew around the living room and sort of looked at me. Second time it just sat in bedroom windowsill for ages. I’m hoping this is a sign of my husband.


Hi Danielle I am so sorry for your loss I lost my lovely husband after 50 years of a wonderful marriage. 4 mths after he passed I was asked to go on a holiday with a girlfriend and I really didnt want to go but my two daughters said go it would help me as it was to Austria and it was one of our favourite places so I went. We were sitting having lunch when a Butterfly actually landed on my head and then flew down onto my finger and it stayed there for quite a while. I am sure it was my husband telling me to enjoy my holiday because I felt so sad. It was a wonderful experience so I hope your lovely butterfly helped you. Sending Love and hugs to you. x Carol xx


Thank you all, it’s clear that my experience is not unique - that makes it so much more real. It is a comfort to know they are still here, caring for us.

Till we meet again

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