A second loss

I have come back to Sue Ryder. My husband died 5 years ago. I met someone who I saw at weekends and we had some great times. I knew him for 3 years. He suddenly became unwell in December and died in January. I am still in shock. I feel so alone.


Bless your heart
I’m so sorry for you. It all must be so hard, so confusing, so difficult …
No words will help, and I won’t pretend to understand, because I can’t

But I can send love, hugs and strength

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@Christina47 sorry for your loss. So sad you’re going through this again x

I lost my lovely boyfriend on 1st February 24.
On 23rd April 22 I lost my ex who I’d been with for 4 years until Nov 2019, but we always kept in touch, even spending time together in 2011.
I told my Steve to look after himself, as I couldn’t go through another funeral. But he still died.
I can’t believe that I’ve gone through it again within 22 months. I must be cursed.
I can’t work out any of this.

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Hi, what is your name? I am so sorry for your loss. I too feel cursed, my first husband died in 1998. I went on re marry seven years later. He died in 2019. I met someone else
and he passed away in January of this year, I used to see him at weekends and sometimes in the week. I dread the weekends now, Life can be so cruel.

Thank you. Feel at the moment that life seems pretty pointless

Thank you, we can all support each as we share the same pain.

Wow, three times, I’m so sorry for you. None if it makes sense. People keep saying that I made Steve very happy, none of his friends had ever seen him so happy (as he made me). But what are we left with? Is our role in life to make men happy before they die?
Denise x

Seems that way. I feel sad and angry. Three times, sometimes I cannot process what has happened. I know I should feel lucky to have been loved but it is not helping at the moment.