A song I sang in my head

When my little sweetie pie Anne was shopping in M&S which she loved. I looked at her and sung to myself this silly little song. It involves twists on her name and bad grammar.

" Oh how I love my little Annabella,.
She’s my pretty little lady can’t you see ?
How I love my Anna - she’s my pretty little gella.
Oh I love that little lady yes Sir- eee. "

I’m daft I know.

I had many names for my darling. My favourite was Annabell. God I love my Anne It hurts to go on after 21months.


It’s daft but cute and reminded me that I used to sing that “Denis” to my husband.

René René , I’ve got a crush on you
René René , I’m so in love with you

Oh when we walk it always feels so nice
And when we talk it seems like paradise
René René I’m so in love with you

Sorry we can’t still sing to them there but thanks for the fun memory. Take care.