A special star 🌟


Wow, that will be something to look out for on the Winter Solice. What’s the betting it will be a cloudy night?


I hope that the sky will be clear and that this alignment will give us the hope we crave. I love looking at the night sky and get great comfort from the light shining out of the darkness…when it’s cloudy, I remind myself that the stars and their light are still there even if a curtain separates us…it’s an analogy of our lives without our loved one at our side.
Happy stargazing x


I was thinking about posting this as I read it on my husband’s phone (he gets notifications for things like this as we would often go in the garden to stargaze before bed) and I remembered it is the same day as @jean2 anniversary if I remember right but I meant to try and find for sure if I was right or mis-remembered and then I forgot again…

I hope to look for it if not cloudy as I know he would have had us out there doing that. Thanks.

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Hello FleurDeLis. The 21st December is a very special date as it is the solstice, shortest day and there will be a special Christmas star this year when Jupiter and Saturn join up on that date to make a bright star as posts above have mentioned. The last time was 800 years ago. Mike and I often came downstairs on clear winter nights to look at the stars. I shall miss those magical times. Like you, we were stargazers. Let us look up to that sky and remember them and send love to each other.


yes that is true, even if not together in person with the person we should have there with us, we know we will all be there looking.

I have avoided looking at the night sky because I think Orion’s belt must be there and when René lived in Holland and I lived in England we used to look at that together and text each other or phone that we were looking at “our stars” together. We had around 3 weeks between seeing each other one time early when we were dating and when we were finally reunited in Holland we went to the beach at night and cuddled under a blanket finally together looking at our three stars with the waves crashing. It was so lovely. Ever since of course we pointed them out to each other hundreds of times from various places, mostly the garden of this house I write from now. Hopefully soon I will have the courage to look at them again, if not before 21st then also then <3

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It will be a special star for me…for three years ago we had the funeral of our youngest son Christian on the twenty first of December .


“Maybe they are not the stars but our loved ones peeping, telling us that all is well”

I may have misquoted but these words bring me great comfort. I have had 2 really bad days, yesterday and today, the grief was more intense than at first.


I bought a star in the sky for my late husband. I have claimed Polaris as his star because it shines so brightly often right outside my house. It feels so special as if he’s there just checking in with me. This will be my 2nd Christmas without him.


I did look yesterday but it was cloudy from here.

It was very cloudy in the North of England too.

Apparently it will be visible for a few days, weather permitting. Too much cloud cover here last night too.

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I took this

photograph last night as I looked out from my special chair, it looks like a bright star but it’s not…but still made me smile :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s been too cloudy here for the last couple of days,
but early on Sunday evening I did look and although they weren’t quite overlapped, I could see they were getting close.
Considering how much else has gone wrong this year, being cloudy on the day the stars align is hardly surprising
@stargazer looking at your photograph, I suddenly feel the need for a slurp of wine :blush:

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@Stargazer, which site did you use for the star naming please?

edit: I thought it was Stargazer but just read up and it was @AnnieB. Thanks!

Here it is: https://www.star-registration.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA8ov_BRAoEiwAOZogwargiaKq2EjpeBfgm0W2CGFNW4ZPfper8s9G8JwO7e9KhoNIFM6NhRoCRekQAvD_BwE

We bought stars for granddaughters xxx

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