A man visited a village on his travels. He was a pilgrim seeking relief from the pain of this world. But he was also self centred and not a very nice person. He stayed in the village for a while, and when he left he said goodbye to no one because no one wanted anything to do with him. When asked the villagers said they were glad to see him go. He made people miserable.
Another pilgrim came. He was a good man. He behaved well with everyone and gave love and support where he could. His compassion was evident, although he had suffered himself. The villagers didn’t want him to go. After he left they all said what a lovely man he was, and remembered him.
The moral? We get back what we give. “So it shall be done unto you”. Now I’m not suggesting we all run around dancing and pretending to be happy when in the midst of pain. But the acceptance of the fact that there are others hurting as much as us, and being kind and compassionate does not really take much effort. “By their fruits shall ye know them”. What will folk say about us as we pass through their metaphorical village?
Pain and grief can make us feel angry, and we often take it out on those closest to us. But anger, resentment and hate only breed and multiply.
Forgiveness acts like oil on troubled waters.
Often it happens on here that someone takes offence at another’s remarks. We are all in the same boat, The last thing we want is hassle.
When I first came on here I too took offense at someone who seemed to be miserable and not coping. It was a big mistake and I learned a lot from that experience. I was in a mess myself, but that was no excuse.
Take care all. Blessings. John.

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