A wonderful discovery

I have started clearing out my partner’s office (there is a lot to go through) and made several lovely discoveries/mementos that I will take with me wherever I go.

The best of these so far is his MA dissertation on open-air swimming pools (lidos) in the London area. This is very precious to me and I will read it rather than watching pointless TV. Andrew was very proud of the research he did.

You left me so many nice things, my love. Don’t worry, they will all come with me and stay with me until the day I die.

I am ever so grateful. :heart:


Hi. How lovely that you are finding memento during such a daunting task. I hope they bring you some comfort and special memories.
Thanks for sharing.

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I too discovered “things” when going through lovely Mr Wingingit’s “important paperwork”.
I found letters and notes written to him over the years when he’d moved jobs.
Every one of them spoke so highly of him and all mentioned his kindness and helpfulness to colleagues - they were so right.

He was one of life’s gems.

He’d also kept, unbeknown to me, every card or note that I’d ever given him.
He was clearly, far more sentimental than me and just a lovely soul.

I miss him so much.