A wonderful Dream

Hi, Since Hilary passed away just over 12months ago I have read so much about grieving and the way our loved ones visit us in dreams etc, which I have never not believed in this, but have had an open mind about it, but the other night I had a dream/visit from Hilary that was so real I can no longer have any doubts about our loved ones visiting us.it was so so real, Hilary opened the back door at my sons house and walked in whilst we were all there and she looked at me and smiled and I shouted out Oh Hil, Oh Hil, she was wearing clothes that I recognized, I could then put my arms around her, cuddle her, and kiss her like I used to, even her body smell was there, she even had her normal perfume on, and i just kept hugging her as though she had been away for 12 months and just come back, I can remember thinking this must be a dream, but that thought went because it was so so real, I have had a few dreams since Hilary passed away, and have always wondered if each one was a visit from Hilary like i had read about, but I have no doubt about this one that it was Hilary visiting me.
As you can imagine when I woke and found out it wasn’t for real the disappointment that I felt, but after that I was buzzing, and I still am, and I am in no doubt now that Hilary is still with me Take Care Mickere x


Hi mickere,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure your words will bring comfort to others.

Take good care,

Wow, that’s amazing. I don’t believe a dream so real could be anything other then Hil visiting you. I prey my mum visits me like this, I bet you feel amazing!

Hi there Mickere
I am so pleased you have had a visit from Hilary. I have had a few visits just like you have from my husband and it is quite wonderful isn’t it. To be able to touch them and hold them again if only for a few seconds is amazing. I also know what you mean about buzzing it is an amazing feeling. After one visit I had a wonderful day the next day and that heavy feeling went but it was short lived and only lasted a day but it was my birthday and he had given me a nice day We know that they are near.
I have even asked my husband what he is doing there as I know he had died.
Would I have believed this could happen before I lost my husband. I doubt it. But now I have no doubt about the power of the spirit world.
By the way my husband always looks so well and there is a sort of brightness about his face as he smiles at me.