A year ago was my husband's funeral

A year ago we said goodbye to my lovely husband Philmore. I miss you every day and hope to be with you soon.


Second most difficult day in this whole ordeal :pensive:

Stay strong - not going to be easy day.
Really not looking forward to it :pensive:


@MemoriesOfUs yes Saturday was the first anniversary of Baz’ funeral and I felt a new surge of grief all over again. I suppose it never actually goes away fully - it’s turned the whole world to grey instead of colour xxx


:worried::worried: 6 July will be mine
Not even sure what to do that day - do you acknowledge it or try ignore it?


@MemoriesOfUs well I just treated it as a “ normal “ day but i felt extra sad as opposed to just sad you know ? I feel low this week and I think this is the reason xxx


Yeah I know what you mean - it was my partner’s birthday last week, as well as @Annaessex husbands birthday.
Was a difficult day, so can only imagine what the funeral is going to be like


My husbands funeral was on the 5 th October 2021. My mam has died on that day in 1985 . So for all those years my husband had took me to the book of remembrance at our local crematorium, to put flowers for my mam’s memorie… so now on the day of my husbands funeral , i still go to book of remembrance to place flowers for my mam . But also now place two red roses for my husband . X


:pensive::pensive: that must be a tough day


@MemoriesOfUs well I try my best not to overthink but I can’t help myself. There are potentially loads of memorable dates xxx


I also do that - there’s always something every second day that you can look back on as memorable - either good memory or bad.

My partner was pedantic about putting every little thing into her phone calendar, particularly last year because of all the various doctors appointments.
I synced her calendar with mine.

There isn’t a week that didn’t have an appointment of some sort in last year before she passed. Takes you right back to that day and remember every detail :pensive:

Probably not a good idea, but couldn’t possibly think of unsyncing the calendars


Good morning everyone.
For me the anniversary of the funeral was actually harder than the date of my husbands death.
When he was in his funeral home I went to see him everyday. And even though there was a 3 week 2 day period between, I was fortunate that he stayed ‘well enough’ for the coffin to remain open until the very last day.
I used to talk to him, read to him, I read my eulogy to him so many times , and to play him the music I’d chosen.
So it almost feels to me like I had him with me until that day.
Then after the funeral/ cremation his body was taken away from me. That’s when I lost him, I could no longer see his face , feel his physical presence.

So yes, I understand how very hard and significant the anniversary of funerals is. It’s heartbreaking.

And I agree there are so, so many days that are meaningful to our lives without our beloveds. Because there were our everything, everyday we had them.

Love , hugs and strength


So sorry for you, i lost a loved one on the 23rd of this month. Talk about bad timing, a horrendous time & i’m struggling already with the date approaching😢

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