A year has almost passed

19th December 2016 I lost my dad to cancer it was very sudden from the time him telling me to him passing,
I thought I had been dealing with his death well but it’s been raised by my family that I am being angry towards them and others for quite some time now, pushing what friends I do have away, I work away from home and spend a lot of time on my own but find more so now than I have before, I don’t tend to socialise with my work mates just throwing my self half hartedly in to keep fit and trying to maintain my weight, when I am due to go home i look forward to going home but find my self unable just to sit down iv always got to keep myself busy from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night and being borderline OCD with keeping everything tidy and spotless

Hi Bill. I too got angry after my lovely Dad passed. I felt most of it towards my mum but (thankfully) never showed it. I can tell you that it does pass. This Christmas I spent with her and her husband and I made a conscious effort to let her be kind to me. When I returned I found that I didn’t feel so hostile anymore. It was like a weight of had been lifted. The thing is guilt, upset, anger are all part of grieving and you have to forgive yourself for feeling it and allow it to pass. Good luck, I’m sure you are getting there.

Hi there I can really relate to the anger issues you are feeling it’s been 20 months since my mum passed away and I have become more withdrawn from friends and family over that time I thought by now I would be feeling better but if anything I am more angry my partner notices my anger as I was once a bubbly outgoing person it I just don’t no how to be that person again .