A year on, still can't do things that we did together

My husband died suddenly last year in February. Although I am no longer consumed by his loss I can’t do things that we did together. Going for walks was our main hobby ending in a meal and drink.

I’ve tried to walk but I just feel like I’ve been punched in the stumack.

I feel feint and low just texting this.

Hi, I understand fully how you feel. I to tried doing things we did together but it didn’t work. I also did totally different things and again most did work. It’s a time thing I feel, some things feel fine but then there’s bits that don’t work. Walking into restaurants is hard for me and I didn’t understand why because other people find it easy. It is finding what works for you, try but again what works today may not tomorrow. Yes life is not easier without out special person. Stay safe S xx

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I understand that sometimes posting g messages on here can be mood lowering and seems to reopen tbe hurt and only you can decide what is best for you.

There is a song with words that I say at difficult times and you might be able to
find it on YouTube… “One day at a time sweet Jesus that’s all I am asking from you…”

Things can never be the same again, they will be different, but life is precious and each and every day a true gift and blessing.

Remember …One day at a time…

Beth, thank you so much for that song, yes I know it well and we can all sing together.
One day at a time sweet Jesus
S xx

Sue, keep singing and keep trusting

Perhaps we can start a choir, it might be discordant but we can help each other. x

Unfortunately my singing voice is non existent it’s bathroom only.:smiley:

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I am so sorry for your loss
I use to caravan with my husband we loved it
I hate them now
So I understand about the walks
Music was the same David would play music all the time
I have loads of play list that he made for me now I can listen to them
I feel playing them he is still with me I know that sounds silly
So maybe in time You will be able to go for those walks
You are not ready right now
when your feeling stronger it might bring you some comfort and trigger some happy memories
Take care

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Thanks for the advice / reply, it seems to be a time thing. 40years of routine together just feels overwhelming without him. Spring time would be our walking time. I just sit instead and do nothing.

My fear is holidays. I cannot even think about the places we have made such wonderful memories. Even the thought of going to the airport fills me with dread even though I used to get annoyed with my husband because he used to disappear at the airport and I got so frustrated with him. He loved holidays and I have so many photos and beautiful memories over the years that I cannot even look at my photo album without feeling a stone in my heart because he can no longer share them. It is nearly four years since Ron passed away and I dread anyone asking me to go abroad again. What was once my happiest times are now a nightmare.
I have faced up to other places and things but this one I can’t.

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