A year tomorrow (14th June)

How can it be a year tomorrow :broken_heart::sob: I just want the world to swallow me up, I feel so alone, empty, lost and broken.

It’s weird how a year pans out because it was Monday 14th June 2021 Dad passed away and today it’s a Monday but 13th June so my body/mind are still feeling the effects today despite it being a year to the date tomorrow (if you know what I mean).

I’d give absolutely anything and everything to have Dad back. Nothing makes sense anymore. Everything’s so pointless. I shall be hibernating for the foreseeable.

Lots of love to everyone :purple_heart:

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Hi Steffi88am21,

It’s also the 14th June for my mum. It will be 3 years tomorrow but feels like yesterday. My mum and dad met on the 14th June, married a year later on the 14th June and she died on their 50th anniversary, the 14th June.

The first anniversary is hard so look after yourself tomorrow. I will just work and try not to focus on the day. Every day is hard, not just the anniversary.