abandoned ... and betrayed

death is so life-altering. it alters your existence and therefore, the people around you see you as altered and then dont know what to do with you anymore.

I have been abandoned, and thusly feel betrayed. it has been a few years since my loss but life really has only gotten a little bit better.

my anger towards others eased … and that is good as I like to keep relationships in good repair if I can, which has meant being the nice person.

but it is part of life, this being abandoned and feeling betrayed. a sad fact. I just read about people grieving being in shock over it as it is a new experience. but one that is quite normal.

I will add this quote I read: "“I will allow someone in my life for as long as they want to be there. The moment they showed they didn’t want to be in my life, deceiving, insult, ignoring, irritated,
I respected their opinion and let them go.”

not to say things can’t be restored. they can. but that takes effort between the estranged.


I found a few weeks after i lost my mum and no one even asked how i was , its sad but life goes on for others while we struggle, take care x


I agree and its so hard on top of our grief to be abandoned by people you thought would be there for you.
Its like another grief in a way - mourning what isnt there. I wish everyone could just be kind xx


Someone told me you knw who your real friends or family when you went through hardship/loss. That sadly couldn’t any more true for me. When I lost my mum 4 months ago. My own sisters who their own family just completely abandoned me and hasn’t checked up on me. Every one expects to me to act normal and go on to my day job like it’s not big deal. It’s frustrating for me that people can be so insensitive but also so shows me the true cold heart reality we live in.

I read so many people grief stories and though grief is normal for the aftermath was not and I really wanted emotional support and it’s seem like everyone disappeared when I needed them the most.

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I am so sorry. I sought counseling as they did care and listen exclusively to me and it helped so much. I went to grief groups where we all lived in the depths of pain and being with others also grieving was comforting. I did not know these people but grief bonded us. that is all I can suggest.

it is a long slow road losing a parent. the worst chapter in life. I think and miss mine every damn day. I cannot let it go. I was an only child.

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