I lost my Dad due to suicide 7 years ago and have recently started CBT as I struggle to form new relationships and struggle even more when they break down. It’s like grieving for someone all over again. Doesn’t matter if I’ve known them a few weeks or years. And now it’s really starting to bother me. I feel completely alone.

I’m sorry to hear of your loss and of the difficulties you are experincing.

It is positive that you are taking steps to support yourself. Firstly by getting some CBT input and secondly by accessing forums such as this one.

Each of us is different and our lives are so complicated none of us knows what experiences we face and how they will affect us, like you as you explain you have difficulties with forming relationships.

I can’t say how things will go for you but I can acknowledge the positives steps you have already taken.

Keep going and stay positive … read, do things you enjoy, try new things and keep a log (a scrap book perhaps) of the positive things that seem to help and support you. When you feel low return to that book …

Take care x