About grief

When someone we love dies we get stuck in wanting our old normal back,but at some point you have to start living again.
Doesnt mean you forget but we live for the ones we’ve lost and we live the way they would want us to.

Life is tough but there are so many beautiful little moments that sometimes we miss.A sunset, a beautiful rainbow, the wildlife, the sounds of birds singing in the trees and the feeling of the waves in the ocean.

All the rest is just noise.


Hi @StarHeart ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure your words will bring comfort to others.

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My husband died very suddenly last week I can’t cope.

Im so sorry for your loss❤.I cant imagine how tough things are for you right now.Here if you want to chat.

“We live for the ones we’ve lost and we live the way they would want us to.”

Very well put - thank you.

My dad is my hero. He gave me the most secure upbringing, and was the best friend to me. His #1 passion in life was helping people. It gave him so much joy. I’m so proud of his achievements and the way he lived his life, and I’m so very proud to be his daughter.

He sent me around the world at the age of 18. Seriously. He’d travelled extensively in his youth, with his job, and so when I floated the idea of a gap year, he bought me the plane ticket, and encouraged me to experience it all.

I’ve heard people say that they write in a journal to their loved one. I think that that would be a good idea, so that I can keep communicating with my lovely dad, and letting him know what I’m up to, just as I did when he was physically here.

this is so helpful! Thankyou!
I always feel bad and beat myself up because i get on with my days without my dad and my grandad, especially with my grandadi! - short story is that I had a father/daughter relationship with my grandadi than the others - and I feel really bad talking about them and I feel guilty that I’ve struggled the days, but when my dad died i felt guilty for getting on with my life - but he was always with me and in my heart! but then they would have wanted us to live our lives surely right?

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Yes, they are always in your heart. :heart:

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