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Our dad bumped his head and went into hospital, he had a previous stroke, (mild) and dementia for 2 years, when he went in they said he’d had another stroke!!! They gave him Madadzilam, lorazipam and an antipsychotic and knocked him out, he was left to rot in a corner, mouth infected, blood filled catheter, no food or water…11 days in after being told he had 48hours left and end of life i told the hospital i was taking him to a different hospital and contacting the news papers…suddenly he was not end of life anymore and moved to a seperate room. my mum and i had to have a meeting with the ward mamager/sister that day!!! I was told my dad HAD A STROKE his right side had gone!!! Plus that day they put a dols on him again strange!!! Since we now have his records it states a nurse went to see him that morning and he was trying to get out of bed and had movement in all four limbs (strange) He did have movement in all limbs and face was fine also…Anyway his CT scan came back negative strange again, a doctor said on day 11 they were not going to feed him and let him die, strange so soon when you haven’t even given him a chance to recover from you’re so called stroke??? The consultant tried to also convince me he had another stroke, he said right i will give your dad an UNOFFICIAL drink test so he did, dad took the cup and drank it all, strange again…They would not allow him to get out of bed, since we have had the medical report we found the consultant said dad was bedbound before entering hospital!!! NO HE WAS NOT!!! By now my sisters and mum knew something was going on as far as we are concerned they tried to Euthenise him as soon as he arrived! Long story short they sent someone who had aspirated by mistake under my dads name for a scan, strange, they overloaded him with fluid we have pics and set up the machine wrong also, they tried to get my sister and i on an order to to be able to get in to see him, we tried to get him home they kept putting it off, no one help the 4 people involved with dad were vile knew what they were planning from the start!!! YES dad died 11 weeks later he fought so hard and begged to go home, he was not suffering or in pain!!! My mother died shortly after as a direct result and it has killed my sisters and! I found a nurse from legal papers online who had worked on that ward and in court said they were overloading, dehydrating and she used the words k*lling patients! She was a nurse for 10 years, she had a court case against the hospital 3 years before dad died! I contacted her and we met…She broke down crying telling me she was sorry and she had tried to stop it but got fired and was called a whistleblower! Explain that to me? I feel guilt every single day from not saving my father from the very people who should have helped him but instead ended both my parents lives!!! There is so much more to this and evidence and no one will do anything…No Justice!

My name is John I lost my beautiful wife nov20-22 she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in may we were supposed to celebrate our diamond wedding but couldn’t she was so poorly I feel so lost without her I cry every day for her I miss terribly she passed away in end off life ward 26 no nov St james I wanted to come home but she couldn’t the doctors and nurses were very good

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I think it depends on the situation my mum has dementia so I lost her months before I was just waiting for the body to die :broken_heart: it’s soul distroying if I am honest I was relieved that she had died
My sister committed sucide because of the conversations that we had and the lead up to it it felt strange
My sister died on 31/12/20 mum died 3 weeks later on 21/1/21 my mum was dieing in front of me and my sister was dieing on the phone daily
It hasn’t been easy but I truly believe that they are both at peace regarding my sister because I have my answers I don’t feel guilty I know that I did the best I could
MH is a tough subject to approach my view is totally different to most