About the Losing a grandparent category

A place for anyone who has experienced the death of a grandparent to share their experiences and get support with their loss.

This is a space where you can talk to others who understand. You may also find our Sue Ryder resources helpful to you as you cope with the death of your grandparent.

If you are looking for in-person support too, Sue Ryder have just launched our Grief Kind Spaces.

Our Grief Kind Spaces are weekly, in-person drop-in sessions held in the local community and run by trained volunteers. The sessions provide a safe, informal and supportive place for people to come together and share their experiences of grief, helping attendees to feel heard and less alone.

If you’re not in an area with a Grief Kind space, or are looking for a different kind of support, you may wish to visit the AtALoss website. It is a directory of bereavement support and will show you what is available in your area. If you click this link then select your region, you may be able to find something near you.