Absent grief

My dad passed away on 01/12/21. I was in busy denial up to the funeral which took place on 11/12/21. I’ve cried few times after, screamed and got sad numerous times however I seem fine now. I had a baby in April so I’m really busy during the day.
I’m starting to think something is wrong with me as I think I dont grieve.
We were really close. Why I’m not reacting in a different way. Is it because he was ill for 2 years before passing? Because it wasn’t sudden?
I’m just really angry recently. Is it part of the process?

Please be kind to yourself I think partly as he was so poorly for 2 years but yes he’s your dad and you’ll always love him but you say you’ve had a baby that puts a complete different concept to your grief
Your baby comes first
And there’s be times when maybe you do cry maybe not there’s no right or wrong way to grief believe me iv had enough practice


HinAnne2 firstly welcome it’s the most natural feelings your having you have a baby now your own little family so sure I’d expect you not to be constantly grieving your dad of course you’ll always love him and he’ll always be in your heart of course on anniversary’s you’ll feel your pain and grief more on other hand you may be fine never feel guilty on not been sad all the time there’s no right or wrong way to feel it’s 3 months since my hubby died he was my soulmate we lost a child 18 years ago tragically he carried me through my unimaginable pain.now I am just lost in my grief try be kind to yourself enjoy becoming a daddy you’ll never forget your dad you’ll just learn to live with your pain sending you lots of love hugs​:star::star::heart::heart: