Acceptance, loneliness, moving forward

Hi its 31 months since I lost my husband must admit seem to have hit a brick wall, Emotions over place Once life was filled with so much Happiness now just me, how do you all cope or what do you find helps, I’ve kept busy for so long I’ve burnt myself out.

Hi Jilly
I am 14 weeks down the line ,so not qualified to give advice,but I do what you do try to keep busy and have a least one specific “task”to do each day, if it’s only washing the car. However when it’s raining and dull as it is today it drives me crazy, it’s too bad to take the dog out even
Can I ask do you have a pet,they are such good company, and you are never coming home to an empty house
I have recently been to two bereavement groups through the local hospice as I wanted to meet other people in my position face to face,but they were all many years into their loss and just appeared to have gone for a cuppa!

Hi Lancashirelass I have 2 Shitzu’s since my husband of 2yrs & 19 days died, then daughter moved out got married can’t believe at 50 now home alone my husband had Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

I find great comfort from having my rescue pug, she is so loving and needs looking after which helps.As you say it’s just so difficult to get used too
Kindest Regards

Hi Lancashire Lass, I have a pug also, viewing cake up the day after my husband’s funeral, we had been on the watch list for litters from reputable breeders so for the first viewing of Ada and her 5 sisters it seemed meant to be, we already looked after our daughter’s pug whilst she works, she originally had to brothers but lost Henry 24th May 2917 aged 13 months, he had a liver shunt. They are great company. I also belong to a pug welfare and rescue group and, whilst I’ve not been actively involved in the rescues, I have been supportive in the fundraising, some of the stories of some these little pug fur babies bring you to tears, I’m so pleased you have found the company and unconditional love from your furbaby now safely living in their forever home.


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Couldn’t agree more about having dogs. My two are life savers. They insist on taking me out for long walks in the morning or in fact during the rest of the day. If I go out without them, which is rare, I have them to greet me when I come home. What a reception I get. They cuddle me in bed and give me such comfort. Both mine are rescue One from a dog pound the other we fostered and ended up keeping him. Both so friendly that people will always stop to have a chat. They make me laugh at their antics although they don’t much like each other. More like a big sister with a little brother. I owe them so much.

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