I lost my partner at the end of November, suddenly after 23yrs together. I know she’s gone & I will not see her again but something in me won’t actually accept this, know it sounds crazy. What I would like to know is how long it’s taken you to get to a place in your mind & body where you feel you can move on somewhat without so much pain inside you?

Hi @Emz

I’m sorry for your loss, you are still in the very early days of your grief…you are not crazy.

I am 12 months in, I’d been with my husband 22 years. I still find it very hard to accept and I’m not sure that I ever will completely. I tell myself he’s with me every day as it helps me get through.

My grief now is not as raw and intense as the early months, but it is still very much there. We have to learn to live alongside it as it will never go away.

Give yourself time, there is no rush…take care. x


@Emz. I am so desperately sorry for your loss. I have the same problem. Most of the time it feels like a temporary situation and sometimes the permanency of it all overwhelms me and I fall to pieces. It’s an excruciating situation to be in. I am 5 weeks into this hideousness. One minute thinking “yes, I can get it though this” and the next minute draped all over his chair wailing for him. It’s exhausting! I’m just taking one hour at a time xx. Big cuddle to you. Jean.