Activities that help you get by

Just want to say thanks to pepper who suggested the jigidi sight where you can do jigsaws for free on line,any jigsaw fans on this sight should try it,you don’t have to worry about loosing pieces or taking up space in your home which used to annoy my family when I used to do them many years ago.

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Another one now addicted to jigidi, fills the long nights when i can’t sleep really well.

And should have said thank you Pepper. Middle of the night when I posted before.

I prefer proper jigsaws, so I have just bought myself a few 1000 piece ones and a jig roll so I don’t have to leave it out. Makes the evenings go a little quicker as with concentrating on the jigsaw I am now sitting crying like I was before. I am not a big tv watcher.

  • Not sitting crying , not now sitting crying.

Wow that’s a large puzzle you must be pretty goodi thought I would start on the jigidi sight to get me started as I havn’t done a jigsaw for man years.I am doing a 150 piece jigsaw at the moment it has took 2 hours so far but have had breaks in between I can’t concentrate for to long at the moment

HI Mel, Yes that’s what I’m using them for, they come In useful don’t they.I used to be a big reader but just cannot get into a book now I can’t concentrate for long,not watching much telephone either,so jigsaws is it for the moment.Have you sorted your move out yet that must be such a stress on top of everything else.wish you all the best for that.take care.x