Addicted to my phone today

Can’t stop from picking my phone up today, hoping someone engages with me. then I take a break lay down a bit thoughts pop into my head and then the tears come. This is now my life work and days like this. I bought a PS5 to cheer myself up during Black Friday last year. I was hoping it would distract my mind from thinking of mum, but not really. Days are not easy and being on your own in the flat you shared with your mum is your own worst nightmare.

Hi Keith, there are lots of ways to find company in real life… walking groups, volunteering, church activities. The ‘Meetup’ app can be useful for showing you what’s available in your nearest cities. People are usually very friendly and welcoming. And, if they’re not, then there will hopefully be other groups to try. :yellow_heart:

Well I got work coming up tomorrow and I been struggling with lower back pain. Think I tried meetup decades ago, it felt like hanging out with ex university grads. I have to feel a connection with people in order to feel comfortable. Either that or I’m operating in the shadows.

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Yes, I know what you mean. Where I live, we have a booklet that comes through the door, and towards the back pages there’s a list of various groups. I think that, being on paper rather than online, they attract less of the young and vibrant types.

I been online since 2000, done it all date sites, social media, chat rooms. I left fb, but had to go back to notify family when mum passed. I don’t have the time like I used to have with the internet Looking back wished I hadn’t bothered with it, even did a 80s disco earlier this year. Should of enjoyed it, but hated it as I was the only one on my own there. Social media is very good at isolating people and making people feel worst then they should. Think I left after 2 drinks and told organizers won’t be doing it again. I miss my time growing up and compared to today, I would love to go back. Better times, great music, fantastic films and the best bit mum was there.

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